Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 5

Part of the reason for this whole deal:
What drives me crazy about where we live is the damn kitchen. Everything about it pisses me off. There are no windows, it smells like  cigarettes because of the neighbors, and the damn light makes me feel like I'm living in a motel. It has this little buzzing sound, which makes it sound like a bug zapper, and you can't forget the florescent lighting. That one just really puts the cherry on top. I think that is a sliver of a reason of why we wanted to do this. (I just made our place seem horrible, but its really not that bad, just... the kitchen) We NEED natural light!!!
Anyways, this is kind of our phase one of what we would want to accomplish in the future. We are trying to slowly gravitate towards something even more sustainable. The coming phases will most likely be no driving period, walk/bike everywhere, eat only local ( when more money is involved), consume less material things (clothes ( me), coffee  (Josh)) I think being able to accomplish this will be hard but I think it so necessary. I know we can do it, as humans that is what its suppose to be like.

Well as for our Phase one, being at home alone with only candles really gets super creepy. At least for me ( Lindsey), you start to see things that aren't really there, and hear things for that matter. I start feeling like a kid again and feel like I need a night light in every outlet. I have always been afraid of the dark, still am.

We are awaiting our next power bill which I am really excited about. Considering the last one was only $16.00 and we had only been a week into the Candlelight project through that pay period.
However, I think our only struggle here will be the heater. If we can try not to use it, even if its bloody cold out. I say suck it up, throw on a sweatshirt, socks, blanket, whatever. Right?
We will definitely post as soon as we get our next bill. Should be interesting.

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