Sunday, November 6, 2011

Enough Talk...

We have lived in a small apartment on the east side of Salt Lake City since April of 2011. We both graduated from Westminster College earlier this year-my degree is in Environmental Studies and Lindsey finished a degree in Public Health! Since then we have both been adjusting to the post-grad life..

It is safe to say that we have mastered the art of bitching about the world. We love to complain about the environment, social issues, the strains of modern life, industrial food, and much much more...Along with all these complaints, we inevitably begin to feel overwhelmed and sick. So finally... were done talking.

We want to be the solution to all the problems we love to complain about! Oh sure we buy organic and local when we can, sure we recycle (which are EXTREMELY important), but we want to take a bigger step-a more visible step. We want to do something more radical that will help ease us into a more sustainable life.

One day, in late September, Lindz and I decided we wanted to live by candle light. We decided to find out what life would be like if, when the sun set, we did not flood the house with artificial light.

So, this blog is devoted to the conversation of living simply. We will, hopefully, map our journey living by candle light and in the process inspire any readers to try it themselves...

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